Germany began testing the first electric car

In Germany, tests of a five-kilometer plot of automotive A5 with installed air electrical cables for charging hybrid trucks began.

Since yesterday, a hybrid electric diesel cargo car began to move along with the natural transport stream along the motorway between Darmstadt and Frankfurt. By the middle of the next year, on this section, Ehighway in both directions will regularly ride 5 such trucks. Tests will continue until 2022, and researchers from Darmstadt Technical University will be engaged in the study of the economic and environmental data.

Test trucks are equipped with batteries and current collectors with a lifting mechanism (pantographs) that automatically reach air cables laid on masts along the inner strip A5, even under bridges.

The system provides for the possibility of overtaking another transport, and when braking, excessive power returns back to the network. Cables with an operating voltage of 670 V will be automatically disconnected during a random break line, and in winter, their functioning should provide an icing protection system.

The first test run of the hybrid truck took place in December last year, but took place at night and at low speed.

The development of the project was engaged in the project staff of Hesse and Engineering company Siemens. On the construction of masts, laying cables and the creation of energy infrastructure The Federal Ministry of the Environment spent more than € 14.6 million, and another € 15 million allocated to the test stage.

In the future, 1000 km of German autobans can equip like electric lines. These sites will help hybrid transport to recharge so that they can continue to move into not electrified areas. According to the study of the Ministry of Transport of Germany, ultimately 80% of the country’s cargo transportation will be transferred to electric platforms.

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Europol closed the cryptocurrency mickey service with a circulation of $ 200 million

European law enforcement agencies closed the website and arrested the property of the third in size for the BestMixer cryptocurrency mix.

According to the report, the economic investigation service of the Netherlands confiscated 6 service servers, which per year was cryptocurrenated by more than $ 200 million. Europol claims that most of the funds being processed by Bestmixer had a criminal origin or destination. Therefore, the agency suspects that mixing was used to conceal income and money laundering.

The investigation began in June 2018, but the investigation is still being conducted. Europol continues to learn information from seized servers. IP addresses, transaction details, wallet addresses and chat calls will analyze and transmit data packets to other countries.

According to the Ciphertrace general director Dave Jevans, Bestmixer has openly advertised money laundering services and reported to users, which is deployed to Curaçao, although actually servers were in Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and employees worked in the EU.

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An application has been created that determines the cause of the baby’s cry: hunger, fatigue, illness, moisture

A new application based on artificial intelligence can identify and distinguish the normal voice signals of the child from anomalous, which indicate the disease. Technology can be used both at home and in medical facilities.

Experienced parents and doctors can accurately distinguish between many of the needs of children in the nature of their crying. Although the cries of each infant are unique, they have some common features if their reasons match. Despite this, the identification of hidden templates in such signals is a problem. However, a group of researchers from the University of Northern Illinois and New Jersey College found a solution that helps to understand what the baby wants to say.

Engineers and biologists jointly developed a special algorithm for automatic recognition of speech, which determines the characteristics of the cry of each child. To analyze and classify these signals, the system has handled huge arrays of sound data, highlighting the necessary elements on the background of common noise.

The efficiency of the trained algorithm does not depend on a particular user or baby. Therefore, it is universal and analyzes various aspects of the scream, determining the cause of concern and urgency.

Scientists compare the child’s signals with a separate language, which contains a lot of information about its health. Minor differences allow it to translate it. The team hopes that their research results will help parents and doctors better understand the needs of babies, which will help grow them healthier.

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Created an autonomous generator, extracting energy from seawater in two ways

Scientists have developed a new inexpensive system for direct electrochemical extraction of energy from sea water, which can autonomously switch between two operating modes.

Submarine and equipment for functioning for a long time, an independent source of energy is required. In such conditions, the generators should not only maintain a stable stream of energy throughout the time of their work, but also ensure the supply of higher power with rapid motion, capture or other active actions. Chinese researchers have created a new generator, which is similar to marine organisms, can switch between aerobic and anaerobic regime using various materials as electrons acceptors.

The basis of the system is a cathode from Berlin Lazuri, an open frame structure with «racks» from cyanide ions and «nodes» from iron ions. In combination with a metallic anode, this structure can be used to produce electricity from sea water.

With low energy consumption, electrons entering the cathode are transferred directly to dissolved oxygen. Since in the sea water, its reserves are inexhaustible, then in this mode, the system theoretically can provide meals with a weak current throughout unlimited time.

During the growth of power consumed, dissolved oxygen becomes not enough to make all incoming electrons. Therefore, the Berlin Azure should store them, reducing the degree of oxidation of iron atoms with +3 to +2. To maintain the charge balance, positively charged sodium ions are settled in the frame. In seawater, a sufficient concentration of Na in order to absorb a large amount of electrons in a short time.

When reducing power consumption, electrons are again transferred to oxygen, which restores the framework, Fe2 + is oxidized to Fe3 +, and sodium ions are removed.

A new system is resistant to aggressive sea water and can cope with numerous switching modes. When the metal-organic structures are turned on, the theoretical density of the device’s energy is 3960 VTH / kg.

During the test of the prototype of the generator, in the energy mode, it worked continuously four days without loss of power. In the mode of high power, the energy was enough to power 39 LEDs and propellers.

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Bitcoin’s course set a new annual maximum

Bitcoin’s course reached $ 5680, which is the new maximum of 2019. In the short term, the bulls will move to $ 6 thousand, but there are several strong resistance levels on the way.

For subsequent 24 hours price bitcoine (

On the way to $ 6 thousand bulls expect two more sufficiently strong resistance levels around $ 5780 and $ 5880. Therefore, traders should beware of signs of exposure to the rising trend near these marks. The unsuccessful storm can not only slow down growth, but also lead to a rollback. Bull tendency to preserve while the course will be above $ 5,200.

Due to the stable growth, Bitcoin increased its market share to 55.3%, relaxing the effect of more volatile altcoins. During the day the course of Etheria (

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Hackers stole $ 10 million in XRP from GateHub wallets

GateHub cryptocurrency storage service administration announced cases of hacking user accounts and stealing from wallets 23.2 million XRP.

On June 1, community representatives received information about the disappearance of 201 thousand coins. Initially, the company did not reveal any signs of violations in the platform, but with further investigation of the circumstances of the transfer of funds, the researchers have discovered an increase in the number of API calls emanating from 12 IP addresses. Analysts suggest that hackers could use it to gain access to encrypted secret keys.

According to researchers, so far all detected cases of hacking and theft are associated with ripple wallets running GateHub. In this case, the stolen means translated into one account (R9DO2AR8K64NXGLD6OJOYWAXQHUS57CK8K). So far, it is known about the facts of hacking about 100 wallets and the disappearance of them 23.2 million XRP by $ 9.7 million at the current course, of which 13.1 million coins were already laundered through the stock exchanges and mixing services.

Immediately after detection, GateHub has blocked the access point, after which the suspicious calls of the API stopped. There were no signs of fitting, coercion or attempts to select combinations.

The company cooperates with law enforcement agencies and third-party experts to track criminals. The investigation is still conducted, therefore the details are not disclosed.

Together with the popularity of cryptocurrency, the interest of scammers in them increases. According to

CoinRoom Exchange closed by taking customer funds

Polish cryptochege CoinRoom has stopped its activities and disappeared, grabbing funds on customer accounts, reports local edition

Users said that on the eve of the closure in April, the exchange sent emails with a notice of termination of the contract. After receiving the news, customers had the entire day to withdraw their own funds, in accordance with the User Agreement. At the same time, only some managed to at least partially return the assets, but most could not be removed.

Some users report that they lost significant amounts on deposits (about $ 15 thousand) in cryptocurrency. Others talk about unsuccessful visits to the CoinRom closed office the day after the notice and telephone promises of the company’s representatives to contact them later.

The Warsaw district prosecutor’s office has already opened a criminal case against CoinRoom due to illegal financial activities. Investigators are looking for potential victims.

According to Coinmarketcap, the platform completely stopped its work. The official website of the stock exchange and the page on Twitter is removed.

Recall that in May Europol

W12 will hold its first IEO on world stock exchanges

April 29 at 09:00 MSC starts the first round of IEO company W12. Five international shopping sites are selected for IEO: Coinbene, Sistemcoin, Hanbitco, Bitinka, Digital Price.

W12 creates a decentralized infrastructure in which the trust between the parties is not required, since all processes are managed by algorithms. The protocol uses the blockchain technology for object tokenization, increasing liquidity and targeting transactions. Smart contracts automate the process of collecting funds and reduce costs.

Verification and digitization of information from the real world, monitoring the implementation of the terms of the contract and the main stages of the project roadmap perform oracles. The project also uses a special platform for automated fundraising without initial costs and special technical knowledge.

On March 15, W12 successfully completed Tokensale, and attracted 8900 Eth. In parallel, enhancing the support of 21 thousand registered users and 10 thousand kellands of tokens. The main reason for success was the presence of a valid product and a promising model of development.

W12 technology is developed by platforms for real estate toochenization; ICO / STO; toochenization of goods and services supplied in the future; charitable and social projects; launch of projects on sustainable development; Collection of signatures and means for the realization of petition on the blockchain.

According to the road map, by the end of 2020 the development of all necessary protocols will be completed. By this time, the projects based on platforms W12 are planning to attract $ 100 million.

The first round of IEO will begin simultaneously on Coinbene, Sistemcoin and DigitalPrice. A limited amount of tokens will be on sale at a price of 0.0003255 to 0.00042 ETH. Listing W12 is confirmed immediately at the end of IEO in May 2019.

To participate in IEO, you need to create an account on one of the five stock exchanges, replenish the balance and put an order for the purchase of tokens in time.

The World Blockchain Forum in New York W12 was recognized as the best blockchain project, and also became the finalist ICO Race in Switzerland.

The new chip encrypts and shifts the code bits 20 times per second to prevent hacking

A new architecture of a computer processor has been developed, which independently opposes potential security threats by continuous encryption and random permutation of key bits of its own code and data.

Existing methods of combating cyberatics are based on additional software, but its breaking only the question of time and resources. The problem is becoming more significant due to the development of the Internet of things, unmanned vehicles and other digital technologies. Therefore, engineers from Michigan University developed the innovative Morpheus chip, which stops any known types of attacks before they started.

The new architecture converts the data 20 times per second, so even the most progressive hacking systems will not have time to find vulnerabilities. At the same time, if the hacker finds a loophole, then after 50 milliseconds it automatically disappears. The transformation frequency can be changed to achieve an optimal relationship between security level and resource consumption.

When the demonstration was chosen precisely such frequency, because it is a thousand times the possibilities of the fastest method of electronic hacking, but reduces the performance of only 1%. Architecture also includes an attack detector that will determine potential threats and increases the rate of randomization of bits if an inevitable attack implies.

The developers compare Morpheus with a rubble cube, which is rebuilt after each blink, turning into an intractable task. In the chip, this is due to the peculiarities of an indefinite processor semantics.

The study financed the management of prospective research projects of the US Defense Ministry. After successfully demonstrating open source chip, the team began to work on the commercialization of technology through the Agita Labs startup.

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New diamond processing technology will allow you to create powerful chips for quantum computers.

Researchers have developed a new diamond processing method, which facilitates the control and production of arrays of structural defects of the crystal lattice.

Quantum computers are a promising direction for the development of information technologies and

A team of scientists from Oxford University recently introduced a new method for creating crystalline defects in diamonds (nitrogen-vacancy centers color) by focusing the sequence of ultricular laser pulses. It provides for the use of a sensitive fluorescent monitor for detecting light emitted from the focal area, allowing to actively monitor the process in response to the observed signal.

Combining local control and feedback, the method facilitates the production of arrays from single AV-centers at each point and allows you to accurately monitor their location. This is a key factor for the scalability of technology and the development of integrated devices. A quick one-step process is easy to automate, so the creation of each nitrogen-vacancy center paint takes a few seconds.

Laser recording of individual defects in diamond with a yield close to one.

Scientists expect the proposed method to use for the manufacture of diamond chips of a centimeter size containing 100 thousand or more AV-centers, which will create a universal fault-tolerant quantum computer.

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