The Chinese company announced the creation of a car that can drive 500 km on the water


The Chinese company Qingnian Cars presented a vehicle prototype, which is capable of driving from 300 to 500 km only on the water.

During the demonstration of the car, the Executive Director of Qingnian Cars Peung Kyangnyan explained that the engine operates on hydrogen, which is formed as a result of a chemical reaction in the interaction of the catalyst with a mixture of aluminum powder and water. According to the description, the prototype can drive up to 500 km on 300-400 liters H2O.

The automaker plans to process the reagents used in the process.

Pan Kyangnyan added that the cost of operation of transport and production of new engines will be low, but the exact amount did not call, referring to a commercial secret. Test data at long distances are also not disclosed.

Photo of the Qingnian Cars prototype.

The new Qingnian Cars technology was developed jointly with scientists from Technological University Hubei since 2006. According to them, transport will be able to use conventional water, which is not needed to export, and by-products during the operation of the car do not pollute the environment.

Despite the not open demonstration of the prototype, the engineers have not yet spoke about mass production, and some Chinese called the development of unconvincing due to the lack of evidence of a successful travel for the long distance.

The largest automakers also gradually go to eco-friendly technologies. By 2039, Mercedes-Benz