Germany began testing the first electric car


In Germany, tests of a five-kilometer plot of automotive A5 with installed air electrical cables for charging hybrid trucks began.

Since yesterday, a hybrid electric diesel cargo car began to move along with the natural transport stream along the motorway between Darmstadt and Frankfurt. By the middle of the next year, on this section, Ehighway in both directions will regularly ride 5 such trucks. Tests will continue until 2022, and researchers from Darmstadt Technical University will be engaged in the study of the economic and environmental data.

Test trucks are equipped with batteries and current collectors with a lifting mechanism (pantographs) that automatically reach air cables laid on masts along the inner strip A5, even under bridges.

The system provides for the possibility of overtaking another transport, and when braking, excessive power returns back to the network. Cables with an operating voltage of 670 V will be automatically disconnected during a random break line, and in winter, their functioning should provide an icing protection system.

The first test run of the hybrid truck took place in December last year, but took place at night and at low speed.

The development of the project was engaged in the project staff of Hesse and Engineering company Siemens. On the construction of masts, laying cables and the creation of energy infrastructure The Federal Ministry of the Environment spent more than € 14.6 million, and another € 15 million allocated to the test stage.

In the future, 1000 km of German autobans can equip like electric lines. These sites will help hybrid transport to recharge so that they can continue to move into not electrified areas. According to the study of the Ministry of Transport of Germany, ultimately 80% of the country’s cargo transportation will be transferred to electric platforms.

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