Created a prototype of a battery with an electrolyte of glass, the capacity of which only grows with time


The researchers team argues that it created a prototype of a solid-state lithium battery with a glass powder-based electrolyte, whose container is twice as high as traditional lithium-ion drives increases over time.

The technology described by scientists has caused a mass of criticism from the scientific community due to the unusual properties of improving efficiency during operation. According to the published schedule, there is an increase in the capacity of the device for about 300 cycles of charging-discharge, and the life expectancy is at least 23 thousand working cycles.

Researchers explain the unique features in that the glass electrolyte is a ferroelectric material, the polarization of which changes in the presence of an external field. Thus, in the process of operation, an effective mixing of the substance occurs, and over time there is an ideal configuration of each electromagnetic dipole.

The authors of the University of Porto and Texas University in Austin say that the prototype not only has a higher capacity, but also much easier than other options for lithium-ion batteries. The mass decline is achieved due to the fact that the electrolyte is not ignited, therefore it does not require sealing of individual elements and temperature control systems.

Such features have already been interested in a group of manufacturers who plan to license technology. Inventors expect the release of the first commercial samples of glass accumulators for electric vehicles and household appliances in 2022.

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