Buderin proposed a solution for anonymization of Etheric transactions


Vitalik Biderin proposes to integrate into the battery of the Etheric mixer for transactions to increase the privacy level of the network.

The solution of the founder of the platform provides for the creation of two smart contracts on Ethereum. The first fulfills the role of a mixer that mixes and confuses the addresses of users, and the second is the registry of repeaters. Minimalistic tool design will make it easy to add a new feature in cryptococheries.

The idea is that users who want to make a private translation can make an account in the mixing registry. To do this, you can use the existing or create a new account without tosing it to the main address with assets. After sending a transaction, the funds come on a deposit where some time accumulate to increase the degree of anonymity (it is proportional to the number of senders). After generating confirmation, assets are mixed and sent to recipients.

Although the mixer should become an alternative option for one-time sends, the cost of registration of a new address in the register will cost 2 million gas. However, it can be used in other applications.

Etherium matures not only in technical terms, but also in economic. Previously, we reported that the Commission on Trade Futures USA